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Ruby Lockhart, Past Chair

Ruby Lockhart is the executive director of Garth Fagan Dance, the Rochester, NY-based modern dance company founded by Tony and Bessie Award-winner Garth Fagan, the company’s artistic director and president. Previously, Lockhart co-owned the cultural institution All Day Sunday for 33 years, and spent 23 years as a Labor Relations Specialist with New York State United Teachers handling contract negotiations, arbitrations, organizing presentations and workshop development on sexual harassment, diversity, workplace discrimination, state, and federal laws affecting employees including Fair Labor Standards, Age and Gender discrimination, Title IX, and others. She was a member of the American Arbitration Association.
Lockhart was the first African American president of the Midtown Tenants Association. She was responsible for the first African American Santa in Midtown Mall, and she suggested the addition of first female security officers to the Mall force. Lockhart served as a Trustee of Garth Fagan Dance and the Memorial Art Gallery. Currently, she belongs to the United Way and the Mayor’s Stewardship Council, and is a lifetime member of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club. She is an Advisory Board member of the Bi-racial Partnership Program.  Lockhart has received much recognition and many awards, most notably the Rochester Area Community Foundation Philanthropy Award, the Unsung Heroes from the City of Rochester, Black History Month Gate Opener from the Rochester City School District for contributions to the vitality of Rochester, the Austin Steward Strive for Freedom Award, a High Falls Honor for outstanding contributions to Rochester, and was a 2004 Athena Award nominee.

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