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March 21, 2017

Trisha Brown: Choreographer, Innovator, Humanist, Dance/USA Honor Awardee

The dance world lost an icon this week: the audacious and visionary Trisha Brown. Former Dance Magazine editor, writer, and Trisha Brown dancer Wendy Perron reflected on Brown's work, her kineticism, intellect, and perceptual sensibility.

March 10, 2017

Family-Friendly Programming Helps Dance Organizations Attract Fans and See What’s Beyond the Box Office

Dance organizations are programming to convert families into fans.The Wallace Foundation researched seven such organizations that use educational outreach, community engagement, added benefits and special programming to reach all types of families.

February 23, 2017

Leadership Corner: Douglas Singleton, Executive Director, Charlotte Ballet

Charlotte Ballet Executive Director Douglas Singleton speaks to Dance/USA about his dance epiphany, touring with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, re-branding, navigating organizational development, using data, and keeping his job fresh.

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How To Pick a College Dance Program That Will Work for You

March 17, 2015

High school dancers — and parents — wondering what to look for in a college or university dance program? Ashley Thorndike-Youssef has some ideas and talking points to use on you college tours as you begin your process of narrowing down the right school for you. Not a matriculating at a college? This material is a anecdote of sorts to the ongoing discussions on academic dance programs as a pyramid scheme. Read on for more, exclusively in From the Green Room, Dance/USA's eJournal.

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A Philosophy Major Rants on Dance as a Pyramid Scheme

March 11, 2015

Responding to the commentary “Is American Modern Dance a Pyramid Scheme?” Nancy Wozny writes: Not everyone has the mettle to navigate the difficulty of being an artist, but I have yet to meet one person who wants to live in a world without art. So the question remains as educators, practitioners, and citizens of this dance world, how can we go forward without the burden of old paradigms of success? Read on here for more.

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A Call For R/evolution

March 10, 2015

More on Sarah Austin’s recent controversial Dance/USA article, “Is American Modern Dance a Pyramid Scheme?” as the conversation continues in From the Green Room. Jennifer Edwards contends this issue in the dance field is a symptom of a larger cultural, socio-economic shift that continues to affect both the arts and education. This is a shift in the perceived and broadcasted value of learning, experience, and critical thinking.

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A Letter to My Former Student

March 09, 2015

Recently, an article by the erudite and whip-smart Sarah Anne Austin (B.A. Dance, University of Maryland, 2008) touched off heated discussion in the academic dance world. The piece, “Is American Modern Dance a Pyramid Scheme?” riled every raw nerve in every dance alum from every dance program across these United States. Read what Austin’s professor, Karen Bradley, has to say about studying dance in today’s colleges.  

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Is American Modern Dance a Pyramid Scheme?

March 02, 2015 · 3 Comments

Two million arts graduates in the United States have bachelor’s degrees in the visual and performing arts, though fewer than 10 percent make enough money to live as working artists. Most arts graduates work in non-arts fields — the ubiquitous “day job” that they are encouraged, rightly, not to quit, especially given the cost of an arts degree. Are we perpetuating a myth, or a pyramid scheme, by continuing to promote and accept students into dance and performing arts departments? Read Sarah Anne Austin’s article for more.

[

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LEADERSHIP CORNER: On Legacy Keeping and Leading from Within

March 02, 2015 · 1 Comment

With this interview, From the Green Room inaugurates a new series, the Leadership Corner, featuring one-on-one conversations with top leaders in the dance field. Katherine Brown is executive director of New York City Ballet, and in that capacity oversees the management and administrative functions of the ballet and the David H. Koch Theater and manages a budget of approximately $77 million.

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Company Spotlight: Winifred Haun & Dancers

February 24, 2015

The first in a series on Dance/USA’s From the Green Room focusing on member dance companies and their model programs. This month we look at Chicago’s Winifred Haun & Dancers, a small company that has evolved to make long-term, larger projects reflecting the choreographer’s artistic curiosity.

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When Tragedy Strikes in the Workplace

February 19, 2015

Guidelines for managers on how to deal with tragedy in a dance company setting.

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Helping Employees React After a Tragic Event

February 19, 2015

What to tell company members and staff about the death of a colleague? Read these tips shared on how to break untimely and tragic news.


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Preparing for the Unthinkable

February 17, 2015

How does an organization plan for a tragedy? You really can’t. You plan for your organization’s response to one by putting into place the information, guidelines, training, and materials needed to help company leadership and staff deal with a most difficult and often chaotic time.

Writer Steve Sucato contacted Sarasota Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Culture Shock Dance Chicago, and Chicago Dance Crash about those company members they lost recently. Their insight and advice may prove useful in preparing your organization for the unthinkable.

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