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Dance and Computer Gaming

December 22, 2014

Dancer, choreographer, and assistant professor of computer game design at George Mason University Boris Willis explores the relationship between game design and modern dance choreography. Learn about how the principles that make good choreography are the same as those that make good video games. A game of PacMan will never be the same.

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World Ballet Day and Sustainable Audiences:

October 29, 2014 · 2 Comments

October 1, 2014, was a big day for the dance field. Around the world, five of the world’s best ballet companies joined together for a full day of behind-the-scenes live streaming on YouTube featuring rehearsals, interviews and company class. On the same day, the Wallace Foundation announced a six-year, $40 million initiative to support building audiences for sustainability. While I wondered if the planners of the two events were each aware of the other, I also found myself staring at the negative space between the two and wondering if anyone else noticed the solution to be found within. Combine these two events with Dance/USA’s recently announced “Call for Questions” for next year’s conference and I figured it would be as good a time as any to posit a few questions that I know are seldom asked (or answered properly) across the arts community.

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Social-Media Whore Versus Savvy Self-Brander

July 09, 2013

The first time I joined in the social-media craze was back in 2004, right after I had joined Pacific Northwest Ballet. I had friends that had been using Myspace for a couple of years, but I felt that there was no real reason for me to join in the fun. Little did I know that social-media would eventually take over my entire idea of communication, nor did I envision that it would become one of the greatest tools to market businesses to mass audiences.

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Preparing Your Organization for Facebook Search

February 07, 2013 · 1 Comment

Facebook recently began the rollout of social search. This powerful tool will allow users on Facebook to enter queries such as “Broadway shows in NYC my friends like,” “friends who like ballet,” or “concert venues in Seattle my friends have been to.” Read on to learn more about harnessing this powerful interactive tool.

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2013: Reimagining the Post-Apocalypse Dance Company

January 08, 2013

Dance companies and their supporting institutions will have to make strategic and risky decisions about how they plan to distribute their art to audiences. These decisions will play a significant role in determining their future: whether it is bright or even exists at all.

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On Facebook and the Constancy of Change

December 17, 2012

If you manage a Facebook page, fewer of your fans are seeing your posts. To be fair, there was never a time when 100 percent of your fans saw each and every post. But recent changes make it more likely that you’ll get fewer views. Here are three free steps to take before resorting to promoted posts. Read on.

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Instagram 101: How Dance Companies and Organizations Can Harness It

October 22, 2012 · 1 Comment

With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, today there are so so many social networking options, why add one more to your over-flowing to-do list? Renowned dance photographer Christopher Duggan explains why Instagram can be a fun marketing tool and offers up some tips, too.

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Bring Your Best Social Self to #DanceUSAconf

June 25, 2012

Plan ahead and test all of your tech. Do not wait until you land in San Francisco to try the app, test out your Twitter skills, or implement a social media management system. Here's how.

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Telling Your Dance Company’s Story Through Social Media

March 12, 2012 · 1 Comment

Someone should choreograph a dance about the sweeping importance of social media and the ups and downs of trying to manage a social media presence. No sooner does an arts organization begin to use “the next best thing” when something new, shinier, and sexier takes its place.     

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The Game-ification of Dance: The Future Is Now

January 18, 2012

In the dance class of the future every student gets documented feedback on everything she does using the same technology found in today’s video games. The implications for the game-ification of dance are exciting and offer a glimpse of a future that marries artistry, gaming, and digital communication together.

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