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Upping the Ante on Writing About Dance

January 13, 2015

Good dance writing informs potential audiences about interesting dance in their midst, helps acquaint presenters and funders with artists’ output to frame artists’ work within a wider cultural, artistic and socio-political context. With shrinking space for dance coverage at traditional media outlets, new forms are taking hold. Learn how a collaborative community-based effort to publish high-quality dance writing is taking hold in one city. Lisa Kraus, founder of thINKing Dance, reports.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Race, Part Two

February 22, 2014

Too many of the mainstream narratives about race in the United States are stuck in mid-twentieth-century paradigms of black vs. white. The classic archetypes of the oppressor and the oppressed make for good movies, but the racial groups that feature in conversations about race today are insanely reductive visions of reality. Read on for more on this provocative topic.


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Invitation to the Dance

January 02, 2014

Dance can be an intimidating art form for many, audience development leaders and presenters often hear from patrons or prospective patrons who are hesitant to attend modern dance concerts. Whether you find dance to be a familiar country, or worry you won’t “get it” and will be out of the cultural loop, read on. Here are some helpful guideposts from Jacob’s Pillow for seeing, discussing, and appreciating dance.

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Autism-Friendly Performances Offer Potential To Bring In New Dance Audiences

October 22, 2013

For parents of children on the autism spectrum or families coping with a member with social cognitive disorders, finding artistic and cultural activities that are appropriate can be challenging, if not impossible. A number of theater and dance companies are beginning to offer these families options for a non-judgmental, expressive theater-going experience. Read on to see how companies are adapting classics like The Nutcracker and creating new works for this small but important -- and growing -- segment of their audiences.

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Authenticity: The Best 'Best Practice'

July 23, 2013

The art world is too small to have competition among administrative teams, write Jennifer Edwards and Sydney Skybetter, either from different organizations or within organizations. Read more about our need for need multiple thriving arts organizations in each community to grow a healthy arts market overall.

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EDA: One Piece of the Audience Engagement Puzzle, Part 2

May 29, 2013 · 1 Comment

Catch up on Dance/USA’s Educating Dance Audiences research and best practices with this report by EDA director Suzanne Callahan.

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Reforming the Rules of Engagement, Round Two

May 28, 2013

This moment of reformation [in the arts field] is not a threat … It’s an invitation for us to think more expansively …. Yes, we have been obsessed with the performance or the exhibit … [and] with contextualizing or introducing audiences to [them] or with talk-backs. But forward-thinking organizations are asking new questions.

Ben Cameron, program director for the arts, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Speech for Arts Fund, Atlanta, December 2012

Read on to find out more about how Dance/USA through Educating Dance Audiences (EDA) has begun to harness new thinking to create new models for 21st-century dance organizations.

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The Sustainability Dance

April 21, 2013 · 1 Comment

What does sustainability look like in the making and presenting of professional concert dance? We turned to Dance Exchange for some sustainable practices to consider.

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February 08, 2013 · 6 Comments

The Child's Bill of Rights in Dance requests equal access and opportunity for all persons in the United States regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, interest or ability. Dr. Radi Shafie recently posted a petition on the White House website seeking 100,000 signatures to support the bill of rights. Read on to learn more.

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Dance/USA’s Engaging Dance Audiences Awards Nearly $1 Million to 20 Members

February 04, 2013

Twenty Dance/USA members receive nearly $1 million to support innovative audience engagement activities that will serve as best-practices models for the field. Read on for details of the grant recipients.

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