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Saving Our Collective Memory

April 29, 2014

Are we ignoring or squandering our 20th century modern dance legacy? As if the public agony of the Martha Graham Dance Company weren’t enough, the tragedy of the Cunningham company’s disappearance should be a wake-up call to all American dance companies and arts funders. Dance critic Robert Johnson examines this issue.

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Moving On: A Close Up Look at the Closing of the Trey McIntyre Project

March 10, 2014

The announcement in January by the Trey McIntyre Project that its performances June 25-29, 2014, at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival would be the company’s last sent both shockwaves and shrugs through the dance community. The shockwaves were because despite the company only being a full-time entity since 2008 (it had begun in 2005 as a summer pickup company); it seemed to be a model of success in a dance world that is constantly searching for new blood.

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Come Dance With Me

June 18, 2013

Only recently has science tried to analyze how dance benefits the brain and brings such joy. One theory holds that, like most exercise, dance releases a cascade of feel-good chemicals in the brain. Dancing induces the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers that increase pain tolerance and boost mood. Endorphins are responsible for the euphoria experienced during a “runner’s high” and have a similar effect on the body during dancing. Read on to see how dance educators are using dance to stimulate these brain-boosting effects in children and teens.

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Sharon Luckman Receives the Dance/USA Trustees Award

June 06, 2013

Sharon Gersten Luckman, former long-time executive director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, will receive the Dance/USA Trustees Award June 13 at its annual conference in Philadelphia. Catch up with Luckman in an interview with arts journalist Karyn Collins on what makes Ailey such a successful dance organization, what other companies can learn from the Ailey company success, and where she sees the field in the future.

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Dance Visionary Barbara Weisberger Celebrates her Ernie Award and More

June 05, 2013

 On Thursday afternoon, June 13, during Dance/USA's 2013 conference in Philadelphia, Barbara Weisberger, respected doyenne of dance, will receive the Ernie from Dance/USA for her visionary leadership and contributions to the field. The prize, named for the first recipient, Ian Ernie Horvath, arts advocate, dancer, and founder of the Cleveland Ballet in his native city, is fitting for Weisberger as Horvath was both a colleague and a friend of hers. Read more about the woman who was Balanchine's first child student and later the founder of the Pennsylvania Ballet.  

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Remembering Frederic Franklin, Dance/USA Honor Recipient

May 05, 2013

Dance/USA remembers Frederic Franklin, one of the United States’ great ballet dancers, teachers, stagers, and ballet masters. His career spanned much of the 20th century. In 2008, Franklin received the Dance/USA Honor award for his “extraordinary leadership in the field through artistic excellence and force of vision.” Franklin died on May 4, 2013. From the Green Room reprints excerpts from an interview by long-time critic and dance writer Mindy Aloff conducted in 2008.

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Dance/USA’s Engaging Dance Audiences Awards Nearly $1 Million to 20 Members

February 04, 2013

Twenty Dance/USA members receive nearly $1 million to support innovative audience engagement activities that will serve as best-practices models for the field. Read on for details of the grant recipients.

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Critic/Scholar v. New York State -- The Nite Moves Case Reaches the Highest Court, Part 2

December 27, 2012 · 2 Comments

On September 5, 2012, the seven-member New York Court of Appeals heard Nite Moves’ legal challenge to the Tribunal’s decision that exotic dance was not a live choreographed performance and consequently exempt from taxation as stated in law. Read Judith Lynne Hanna’s account of this intriguing case and the ramifications it could have on the dance community.

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Calamity or Comedy: Critic/Scholar v. New York State -- The Nite Moves Dance Tax Case, Part 1

December 26, 2012 · 7 Comments

Rooted in Middle Eastern belly dance and an American tradition of parody, namely American burlesque, striptease and exotic dance are a form of dance and theater art. While somewhat “risqué” or “naughty” with its adult play and fanciful sexualized teasing that transgresses social decorum and dress codes, exotic dance is, like all dance, communication and a learned skill with its own aesthetic. So the question arises: how far removed is exotic dance from the world of artistic and concert dance? For a discussion of the recent Night Moves exotic dance court case read on here.

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The Body Politic: Learning from the 'Dance' of Our Public Officials

October 15, 2012

As we observe this year’s crop of candidates vying for leadership roles, we look for the details but also for the overarching dance  each one is performing. Even in solo roles — for example a politician’s stump speeches or debate performances — they are part of a larger choreography that includes others and, of course, a relationship to the audience.

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