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Toward a New Definition of Arts Administrator

April 16, 2014

You might have heard the saying: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” In fact, if you’ve worked in the arts, not only have you most likely heard this, but you might also consider what I feel is the implied third part of this phrase, “Those who can’t do either, administrate.” This article is ultimately about arts administrators; read on for more.

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Moving On: A Close Up Look at the Closing of the Trey McIntyre Project

March 10, 2014

The announcement in January by the Trey McIntyre Project that its performances June 25-29, 2014, at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival would be the company’s last sent both shockwaves and shrugs through the dance community. The shockwaves were because despite the company only being a full-time entity since 2008 (it had begun in 2005 as a summer pickup company); it seemed to be a model of success in a dance world that is constantly searching for new blood.

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Dance and Parenthood: A Case Study

March 02, 2014

Despite the daunting landscape for independent and freelance dance professionals, we’re seeing encouraging trends in how some dance companies regard the family lives of their employees.

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Balancing Acts: Dancers and Their Experiences With Motherhood

February 27, 2014

George Balanchine didn't hide his disapproval of dancers having children.  Doubtless, such overt pressure from a director would not fly anymore, but many issues that more indirectly discourage parenthood have not changed. Dancers still deal with issues like taking parental leave, juggling child care, physical recovery from childbirth, and health care.

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Affording Affordable Care

February 18, 2014

Many dance organizations have long been unable to afford health insurance for dancers, even though they are the tools through which we fulfill the missions of our companies. The Affordable Care Act and its subsidies to small businesses provide an opportunity for dance companies to invest resources in their employees’ health care, many for the very first time. Great! But, wait … what options are available? What can we afford? Is my organization required by law to provide insurance? What if my company can’t afford insurance?? What are the deadlines???

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Affordable Care Act: Important Dates (revised)

February 05, 2014

Important revised dates to put on your calendar regarding the Affordable Care Act.

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Every Dancer Insured: An Affordable Care Act Primer

January 09, 2014

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and its full implementation beginning this past month in October 2013, it has now become possible for every member of this group to obtain health insurance with full benefits at a reasonable cost.

One of the most significant changes in health insurance, is the option to purchase insurance on the individual market, as many dancers do. Read on for more on this new insurance program and the options available.

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At Holiday Time Ballet Trumps Pro-Football

December 11, 2013

Since when does ballet trump NFL football? When more than 300 craft and Nutcracker-themed vendors and artisans overtake Reliant Center for the Houston Ballet’s long-running annual pre-Christmastime event dubbed the Nutcracker Market. In fact, dance lovers take note, the general manager of Reliant Center, where the Houston Texans play their NFL home games and a rodeo rides, each year ensures that a week in November gets set aside for the ballet’s beloved annual Nutcracker Market.

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Ten Important Lessons in Asking for Charitable Gifts

November 12, 2013

Like books about how to become successful in business, how-to tomes about fundraising for non-profits have multiplied over the past several decades. As helpful as some of these works are about the mechanics of establishing and maintaining a fundraising apparatus, precious little has been written about what happens or should happen during the face-to-face meeting between non-profit leaders/volunteers and donors, the time when a specific gift is requested -- the “High Noon” of fundraising. Read on for ten succinct lessons on what should and should not happen when we ask for a gift.

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Is the Great Recession Over for the Arts?

November 04, 2013 · 2 Comments

The Great Recession that began in 2008 was the worst economic disaster to hit America and the global economy since the Great Depression. While the Great Recession is technically over as measured by economists, millions of Americans are still out of work or have stopped searching for work and some sectors of the economy still have not recovered.

What about the arts? Read on to see where the arts stand in the economic recovery.

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